galaxy CA 1971

It is in the galaxy CA 1971 planet K has its position in the universe. It is also the endless source to  motifs and themes  for pictures that illustrate the life in this particular part of the universe where the population tries to build a society based on humanistic princibles and honest politics to run this communities life. Some parts of the daily life in galaxy CA 1971 confront with   the legal aspects to the herb in the universe. This fact can bring a certain tension and darkness into pictures due to the sensivity of Ka’eS to bad vibrations. But also things like this have to get out of the head to give relief.

There are some particular spots , views and situations that attracted Ka’eS . Find the results of his views in different dimensions in the galleries behind this menu page.



a photografic impression from one of the favoured viewing spots on a quiet sunny evening in fall. 

In genereal are most of all pictures painted and drawn from the memory of the view or the picture. It is Ka’eS favourised method of working. This way often series of pictures get created in different styles (dimensions) and techniques.


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