Author: Karsten
Artist in Christiania


Gallery Planet K wishes everybody a merry christmas and a happy new 2018 Related Images:

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Impression from Christiania – new postcard

Was about time some say. But it happened, the first postcard from Planet K is available now. Christiania impressions. A view of Pusherstreet. Very nice quality postcard A5  for the price of only Kr. 20,00 in retail. Sending blank cards

summer sundays under the red ombrelle

right , somewhere the story has to start , just like every journey. I skip the explanations about the build of the universe, galaxies, dimensions and all this , it is to complicated in a few words. Let me go

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election – valgkamp – choice fight

everytime I leave planet K the last some days I get confronted with this strange universal habit, election. well that is what it is called in other civilisations in the universe. this is what I see when I get  to

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berlin myfest

hard to explain if you havn’t tried the crowd. A fast alla prima oilpainting from an impression in my head. Four more canvases of the same 30 x 40 cm size are waiting to get wet….. Related Images:

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