About Me , Myself and I

A  self portrait painted spring 2015



this far , this good.

Writing a CV is considerable nonsens from my point of view, most references got lost in time and space.

This website is my curriculum vitæ for the artistic part of life so far and on.

As autodidact on several matters I decided finally to do want I always wanted, create art. I have been painting since my schooldays and have and education as typesetter, so the graphic world is not unknown to me. Passed some courses lately, to check that once learned is not forgotten.

Basicly I dig into painting, but other techniques, like skulpturing in different materials,  are also to be explored. To figure out what writng is about, I am hoovering through this cyberspace Planet K in the galaxy ca1971 with the artist name of Ka’eS, able to switch around in the dimensions,  just for the fun of it.

I just love to experiment on the way to a visual result. Express myself in colours. Trying to catch the movement , the atmosphere and tension that vibrites around living beings and nature.

My particular interest is german expressionism and the artists from the late 19th century, the abstact modern american to the contemporary.

“To create art is an invitation to break the norm” , this is my point of view to the general question about art….

The judgement is to the taste and point of view of the contemplator.

It is possible to visit “PLANET K” my little gallery in the entrance”.  See where to find.


If you like my works, be welcome to give me a note. Please use the contact form.

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