dogs framed

Ka’eS really likes dogs. He had some through the time, the last one , a little red bastard named Kaos, followed him the last 18 years before he went to the spiritual space in the springtime of the year 2015. Kaos, as much as all the other dogs in the gallaxy ca 1971, is the inspiration to this caricatural, naive looking dogs in bright colour. A vast, empty background is demonstrating the pleasure this creatures can give in certain situations. The position the dogs are painted in, are  showing the pleasure towards the master with the standing tail. The facial expression than again, reflects to the subconsciousness and mood of the artist on the final day of production.

This is the gallery with the framed versions of dogs painted with oilcolours.

The frame, made of rusted, used nails and screws, is mounted on the canvas around the motif with golden acrylpaint and is as such part of the artwork in itself.

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