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I live in Christiania , a lovely spot in the city of Copenhagen in Denmark  since 1978.  The abandoned military base got occupied by slumstormers in 1971, Christiania was born.   The place became famous after the danish government tolerated it  as a social experiment in the early 1970th.

Since 1980 I live my little house by the lake at the historic ramparts of Copenhagen. you are welcome to pass by  for chat, take a look the art I create and maybe  I make a cup of tea while you think about the  purchase of some of my artworks.

find a road guide to my little gallery and studio in the far end of Christiania,
“Norddyssen 80, København, DK”

in google maps.

If you plan to show up more than two persons I would appreciate that you contact me before by using the

contact form

For more information about Christiania visit www.christiania.org



Christianias nature